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Know what’s happening in your property 24/7

My Globe is your online portal. Created by Global Guardians, the platform is designed to be 100% bespoke to your requirements. It’s at the heart of everything we do day-to-day.

My Globe shows you:

  • Monthly inspection photos and videos
  • Up-to-date certification
  • Cost savings per property
  • Your property portfolio in one location

My Globe helps save you time and money whilst reducing the pressures associated with managing empty properties.

My Globe provides you with visibility and control

Services Provided in the Empty Property Protection Plan

It’s our priority to keep you, our Guardians and the property in safe hands at all times. My Globe keeps you up-to-date with the following services we provide at no extra cost.

Property Guardians
Monthly Inspections
Fire Safety
Legionella Management
Asbestos Management
Gas Safety
Electrical Safety
Reactive Maintenance
Preventative Maintenance

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