Returning Your Property to You

A stress-free property return service

When a property owner requires their property asset to be returned for its primary use, to be developed or sold, Global Guardians offers a smooth property return service.

A notice period of 32 days is required in order to meet with the Protection from Eviction Act 1977, when terminating a Property Licence Agreement.

The steps taken to return a property back to its owner in a better condition than when it was first protected is as follows.

Property Hand-back Process

1. Notice is provided to Global Guardians Management by the Property Owner.


2. Notice is given by Global Guardians Management to the occupying Property Guardians.

3. Global Guardians Management prioritises exiting Property Guardians for alternate living spaces.

4. A full site clearance & cleansing service is undertaken by Global Guardians Management.


5. All utility services are shut down as required.

6. Vacant possession is provided to the Property Owner.

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