Discover your space

Discover your space

We are Global Guardians, UK’s leading Property Guardianship Company

We are on a mission to bring all the empty properties back to the community through property guardianship – a sustainable and affordable solution for empty buildings.

We protect empty properties by placing working professionals from local communities into vacant properties. A Guardian protects the building 24/7 and brings back the community to life.

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What is Property Guardianship?

Property Guardianship is a unique security solution that allows responsible and professional working individuals to live in vacant properties. At Global Guardians, we believe that our Guardians are the unsung heroes of the community. Our company matches property owners who need their empty buildings secured with suitable Guardians, providing a practical and affordable solution for both parties in need. We cater to both residential and commercial properties.

If you are a property owner, who is looking to secure your empty property or a guardian looking for a flexible lifestyle, get in touch today.

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