Social and Community Benefits

We are Committed to Delivering Social and Community Benefits

We understand our partners work towards various social value policies and frameworks. As a collective we are living in a world where we want to become carbon neutral. Whether you’re a Local Authority or an independent property owner, we’re in this together.

  • A healthier community
  • A safer community
  • A great place to grow up
  • Delivering homes through economic growth
  • A cleaner, greener community
  • Economic prosperity for all

By using our Guardianship Strategy, you are helping to house someone so they can save money to get onto the property ladder.

We have Experience Delivering on Social Value Schemes

Global Guardians is committed to a range of social value initiatives.

  • Tree planting schemes
  • Part of the London Living Wage scheme
  • Donations to local voluntary organisations tackling anti-social behaviour and homelessness
  • Life Enhancing Opportunities team that commits to the most current issues we face in our communities
  • We are an ISO 14001:2015 accredited company and our Climate Change Champions strive to reduce CO2
  • Workshops for new business start-ups throughout our history

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Your Path to Affordable Living and Building a Sustainable Future

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