Cost Of Living: Why Property Guardianship is the Smart Choice for Property Owners

In times of economic uncertainty, innovative solutions become essential for navigating financial challenges effectively. The ongoing cost of living crisis has intensified the need for practical and cost-saving measures across various sectors, including property management. One such solution gaining prominence is property guardianship. In this blog, we explore what property guardianship entails and how it can be a beneficial strategy for property owners and guardians alike during these challenging times.

What is Property Guardianship?

Property guardianship is a mutually beneficial arrangement where individuals (property guardians) live in vacant properties at a reduced rent in exchange for keeping the property secure and well-maintained. This setup helps property owners avoid the risks and costs associated with leaving buildings unoccupied, such as vandalism, squatting, and deterioration due to neglect.

The Benefits of Property Guardianship

1. Cost-Effective Security

One of the primary advantages of property guardianship is the cost savings on security. Traditional security measures like hiring security guards or installing high-tech surveillance systems can be expensive. Property guardians provide a cost-effective alternative by offering on-site presence and oversight, reducing the need for additional security investments.

2. Maintenance and Upkeep

Vacant properties often suffer from neglect, leading to costly repairs and maintenance issues over time. Global Guardians take responsibility for the upkeep of the property, ensuring that minor issues are addressed promptly before they escalate into major problems. This proactive approach can save property owners significant amounts in long-term maintenance costs.

3. Protection Against Vandalism and Squatting

Vacant properties are prime targets for vandals and squatters, which can lead to extensive damage and legal complications. Having property guardians in place deters such activities, as the presence of legitimate occupants makes the property less attractive to potential wrongdoers.

4. Reduced Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies often charge higher premiums for vacant properties due to the increased risk of damage and illegal occupation. By having property guardians, owners can potentially negotiate lower insurance rates, as the property is no longer considered vacant and is deemed less risky.

5. Social Benefits and Community Engagement

Property guardianship also fosters a sense of community and social responsibility. Many guardians are young professionals, key workers, or creatives who bring life and activity to otherwise empty spaces. This can positively impact the local community, creating a vibrant and engaged neighbourhood.

Property Guardianship During the Cost of Living Crisis

The cost of living crisis has made affordable housing a pressing concern for many. Property guardianship offers a solution by providing affordable living spaces for individuals who might otherwise struggle to find suitable accommodation. For property owners, this means a steady, albeit reduced, income stream during a time when traditional rental markets may be less reliable.

Moreover, the economic strain has forced many property owners to reconsider their expenses and optimise their resources. Property guardianship stands out as a practical and efficient way to manage vacant properties without incurring the high costs associated with vacancy and security.

Choosing the Right Property Guardianship Scheme

For property owners considering this option, selecting a reputable property guardianship scheme is crucial. Organisations like Global Guardians offer comprehensive services, including vetting and managing guardians, ensuring legal compliance, and providing support throughout the guardianship period. Partnering with a trusted organisation can make the process seamless and maximise the benefits for both parties.


Property guardianship presents a win-win scenario during the cost of living crisis. It offers property owners an efficient and economical way to secure and maintain their properties while providing guardians with affordable housing options. As economic challenges persist, embracing innovative solutions like property guardianship can help navigate these times with greater ease and financial stability. If you’re a property owner looking for a cost-effective security solution, or someone seeking affordable housing, exploring property guardianship might be the perfect step forward.

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