How We Help You To Secure Your Property

How we help to Secure your Property

How we look after you and your properties

Guardian Selection Process

Our Guardians are professional working people from the local community. In order to become a Guardian, there are some requirements to be met, so that we can continue to provide our partners the best service and protection.


Guardian must pass an Ideal Guardian Assessment


Guardian must pass the vetting process

Guardian must view the property in person

Guardian must sign a License Agreement

At Global Guardians, we offer more than just guardian services.

Our Facility Management (GGFM) and Security Division (GGSD) provide comprehensive solutions designed to maintain, secure, and enhance the value of your property. Discover how our bespoke services can meet your unique needs.


Global Guardians Facility Management (GGFM)

Tailored Facility Management Services

Our Facility Management services ensure your property is not just maintained, but thrives under our care. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, GGFM covers all aspects of property upkeep to ensure it remains in prime condition.


Key Services include:


Global Guardians Software Development (GGSD)

Innovative Software Solutions for Property Management

Harness the power of custom software with our Software Development services tailored specifically for property management needs. Whether you’re looking to streamline operations, enhance tenant communication, or secure your data, GGSD develops solutions that integrate seamlessly with your business processes.

Key Services include:


If you’re looking for Insurance for your vacant property, we’re working with Sona Insurance Solutions to provide cover for Guardian occupied buildings.  You can find out more by contacting or by calling 01206 694906.


In 2021 Global Guardians shared a ground breaking moment in the history of Guardianship. Due to a landmark win in the Court of Appeal there is no longer any legal defence for Guardians who choose to break their Licence Agreement and not move out when a NTQ (Notice To Quit) is issued by Global Guardians.

This keeps all our partners and Guardians in safe hands as we take pride in securing properties and then returning them back to our partners on time.


“Global Guardians Management has been providing us with advice and services since August 2014. They have successfully secured and managed 10 of our properties with both their Property Guardian and Property Caretaker solutions. We chose to work with Global Guardians based upon their high-level of accreditations and company ethos. Global has provided expert advice on how to best secure our voids, reduce our outgoing costs and the time our teams need to dedicate to these projects. Global also regularly bring new things to the table. From the introduction of their Property Caretaker solution which saves us £1600 per week on manned security, to My Globe, the partner portal which allows us to securely see all the documentation and updates pertaining to our properties under Global's management. This has reduced the amount of time we need to spend searching archived information as all of this data is available on My Globe. In addition to having direct contact with our account manager, we now have complete transparency through this login meaning that we are never out of the loop. Global has consistently secured our interests with high-levels of dedication and have saved us considerably on our security costs. Through my new My Globe account login I can see that Global have saved us £438,816.00 on these costs and have generated an income for us of £33,800.00.”

Thousands of property owners have benefited from using our Empty Property Protection Plan. You can trust us.

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