How It Works

Please note we only deal with emergency calls over the phone. Guardians need to raise a ticket if there is an issue.
For any other enquiries please email and a member of the team will be happy to assist you.

How it works

When you join Global Guardians, you become a part of our security solution. You become a hero of the community. Global Guardians looks after empty buildings for its clients, in a sustainable way.

This is the positive impact you will have as a Guardian:

  • You will help reduce crime rate in the area
  • You will keep the community feeling safer
  • You will keep the building protected and in safe hands
  • You will become part of the strong and vibrant Global Guardians community

Your impact is massive within the community. Still interested in becoming a Guardian?

Guardian Criteria

You must meet the full criteria:

Unfortunately, you cannot:

*Please note if you want to live with another individual, they also need to meet the full criteria

A unique security solution

It’s very simple, Global Guardians finds residential and commercial property owners who need their empty building secured. Rather than using CCTV and intruder alarms, we choose to select professional working individuals to live in the empty property. We choose to make you the hero within the community.

Great news for you! You save money to get onto the property ladder and to live out your adventures whilst the property and community are kept in safe hands. It’s amazing how having lights on in the evening and seeing Guardians going about their daily life wards off any anti-social behaviour. So yes, your impact is massive within the community. Doesn’t that feel amazing?

The Hassle-Free Guardianship Plan

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