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At Global Guardians, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional property protection and management solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. This page showcases a series of case studies that highlight the tangible benefits and real-world impact of our services on property owners like you.

Through these partner stories, you will gain insights into how our innovative approaches to property guardianship, facilities management, and security services have made a significant difference in securing and maintaining properties across various sectors.

Each case study is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to adapt our solutions to meet the specific challenges faced by our clients.

Whether you are a property owner seeking to understand the potential of property guardianship, or you’re interested in the strategic advantages of our comprehensive facility management services, these narratives provide detailed examples of how we collaborate with our partners to achieve their goals.

Explore how Global Guardians has not only protected valuable assets but also enhanced property value and community safety, reducing risks and costs for property owners. We invite you to discover the success stories of those who have entrusted their properties to us and see how we can do the same for you.

Alver Bank

Alver Bank Residential Care Home is an important project that gave us the opportunity to reflect on the value of our Guardianship schemes.

Owned by the Salvation Army Housing Association and initially managed by their Social Services arm, the Alver Bank Residential Care Home used to host over 27 residents. The surrounding area leverages this prime location, and thus the properties have extremely high tenant fees. This often drove away potential tenants who were unable to afford the rent and added to the worries of owners trying to secure their properties. This is where our dedicated Guardianship scheme seemed to be the perfect fit.

  • Saved by client: £219,072.00
  • Cost to client: £0.00

Barne Barton Estate

Working on the Barne Barton Estate was an exceptional opportunity for us. Being owned by the biggest housing association in the UK, Clarion Regeneration, Barne Barton Estate was our first regeneration project with them. The aim of the project was to offer numerous modern homes for local residents. These were designed to be an affordable option for people living in the area and provide them with well-equipped apartments. Clarion Regeneration, being a member of the G15, was also concerned about its social image and reputation remaining intact.

  • Saved by client: £1,676,640.00
  • Cost to client: £0.00

16 Blossom Street

Our client, Located are a central government body whose purpose is to transform buildings into educational facilities. We have been working with them since 2016. In 2018, they approached us to look after 16 Blossom Street till they get the approval to redevelop it into a school. However, planning for these kinds of developments takes a long time.

  • Saved by client: £1,676,640.00
  • Cost to client: £0.00

Cityside House

With an exciting central location, Cityside House was surely one of the most special projects that we have undertaken. Being on the eastern border of the City of London, the property is located in the heart of Whitechapel. The client, JLL, trusted us at Global Guardians to secure their five-storey office block and maintain its good condition before the new owners took over.

  • Saved by client: £128,688.00
  • Cost to client: £0.00

Clapham Park Estate

The Clapham Park Estate is one of our most extensive continuous projects, with many things involved at the ground level. Clapham Park is situated between Brixton, Streatham, Balham and Clapham and occupies an area of 36 hectares. Although redevelopment is planned to be completed by 2025, it was in 2015 when the refurbishment kicked off, and we at Global Guardians were given 291 units in over 32 buildings around Clapham Park to be secured.

  • Saved by client: £274,026,144.00
  • Income generated: £5,832,974.84

Excalibur Estate

Working on the Excalibur Estate project has been an immensely thrilling experience for us. The history of the properties in the Excalibur Estate dates back to 1946 when the Ministry of Works designed 186 prefab bungalows. These were quickly built in a short span of time in order to ease the housing shortage problem during World War II.

  • Saved by client: £24,265,584.00
  • Income generated: £3,850.00

Parish Church

The Parish Church was one of the most challenging projects we had ever undertaken. This was primarily because the place had already been illegally occupied by squatters for over a year. It was when these 10 squatters cited “squatters’ rights” to claim the property as their own that the owners reached out to us for assistance. While pursuing the case legally, the owners had already incurred a cost of £10,000 for the legal fees, with an additional £10,00 needed for dedicated security. This also pushed the client to look for a cost-effective option to secure their place, and that’s where our affordable Guardianship scheme seemed to be the perfect fit.

  • Saved by client: £617,904.00
  • Cost to client: £0.00

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