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At Global Guardians, we offer a robust suite of services designed to secure and manage your property effectively. From our proven Empty Property Protection Plan to specialized facilities management and cutting-edge software development, discover how our integrated solutions safeguard your assets and enhance property value.

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Empty Property Protection Plan

Secure, Maintain, and Monitor Your Vacant Properties

Our Empty Property Protection Plan is designed to mitigate the risks associated with vacant properties. By utilizing our vetted property guardians, we ensure your property remains occupied, maintained, and closely monitored, reducing the likelihood of vandalism,
squatting, and decay.

Key Features:

Licence Agreement

Legally Vetted and Court-Approved Agreements

Our licence agreement, which has been successfully upheld in court, sets a legal precedent that reinforces the security of our guardianship arrangement. This agreement clearly defines the responsibilities and rights of all parties, ensuring clarity and legal compliance.


Property Guardianship Insurance

Comprehensive Coverage with Sona Insurance

In partnership with Sona Insurance Solutions, we provide specialized insurance coverage tailored to the unique needs of property guardianship. This policy ensures that both property owners and guardians are protected against potential liabilities, giving you peace of mind. You can find out more by contacting or by calling 01206 694 906


GGFM (Global Guardians Facilities Management)

Expert Management for Optimal Property Condition

GGFM offers comprehensive facilities management services, ensuring that every aspect of your property is expertly maintained. From preventive maintenance to emergency repairs, our team ensures your property is in top condition.

Services Include:

GGSD (Global Guardians Software Development)

Innovative Software Solutions for Property Management

Our Software Development division, GGSD, creates bespoke software solutions that streamline property management processes. These tools enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the overall management experience.


With Global Guardians, your property is not just protected; it’s actively managed and enhanced. Our comprehensive suite of solutions addresses every aspect of property protection and management, ensuring your assets are secure and valuable

Contact us today to learn more about how our solutions can be tailored to meet your specific property management needs.

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