Guardian Duties

Please note we only deal with emergency calls over the phone. Guardians need to raise a ticket if there is an issue.
For any other enquiries please email and a member of the team will be happy to assist you.

Licence Agreements vs Tenancy Agreements

Let’s clear up any confusion. Guardians are not tenants. Guardians sign a Licence Agreement not a Tenancy Agreement. Guardians are professional working people who are responsible for the security of the building in which they move into.

When we onboard you, you will be asked to thoroughly read through your Licence Agreement to ensure that you understand your duties and responsibilities. If you have any questions, the team will be on hand to help you every step of the way

Case: Global 100 Limited v Maria Laleva [2021] EWCA Civ 1835

Global Guardians has a a rubber-stamped License Agreement that has allowed us to win a Guardian possession case in the Royal Courts of Justice by legal judgement of Lord Justice Lewison, Lord Justice Macur and Lord Justice Snowden. This has now set a precedent at the highest court of appeal and now cannot be refuted in lower courts. This trademark License Agreement is exclusive to Global Guardians. Keeping our vibrant Guardian community in safe hands.

Here are a few important differences between a Licence Agreement and a Tenancy Agreement:

Guardians pay a Licence Fee, not rent.

A Guardian does not own the property, nor do they have exclusive possession of any part of that property.

Guardians live under a weekly rolling contract and have the right to 28 days’ notice to vacate.

They have a responsibility to secure the living space that they are occupying.

Global Guardians are permitted to keep additional copies of the key to every living space.

Our Compliance Officers are permitted to enter every living space, on a monthly basis, to conduct an inspection, without providing prior notification of the visit.

Global Guardian Inspectors and their contractors are permitted to enter the building, at any time, without notice. They will always knock first, but if there is no answer they will access the building using their key set.

Compliance Officers are required to take images of each property to support their monthly report.

Global Guardians reserve the right to move their Guardians around at any time. This is not often, but on rare occasions this is necessary to ensure the safety of our Guardians.

Our Property Guardians are required to raise a ticket via My Globe if they are expecting any visitors to the property.

No pets or anyone under the age of 21 is allowed in a Guardianship Property.

Guardians do not have the right to run a business from their property.

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