What is Property Guardianship?

Are you a property owner concerned about your vacant apartment?

Well, you are not alone. Illegal occupancy of your property is likely to be one of your highlighted concerns. Most owners dream of securing their empty possessions, but the constant risk of squatters can add to the worry. 

Flipping the side of the coin reflects the plights of working professionals looking for affordable properties to call home and stay at ease. This is precisely where Guardianship comes into the picture, bridging the evident gap in the landscape.


Property Guardianship – A Closer Look

Property Guardianship is a form of alternative housing in which individuals live in and protect empty properties. In this property arrangement, the Guardian pays a fee to live in the property, which is typically lower than the market rate for rent. In return, the Guardian is responsible for maintaining the property and ensuring that it is secure. 

A win-win situation is made possible by Guardianship when a property owner permits a person—also known as the Guardian—to reside in his home and maintain it. This protects the owner’s property and enables the Guardian to pay significantly lower rates than typical rentals.

Guardianship businesses handle the challenging task of obtaining vacant properties and selecting the finest candidate for caring for them by serving as a middleman between the Guardian and the property owner. These businesses are essential to the success of Guardianship due to their extensive expertise in assisting local professionals to become Guardians of high-end homes and properties.

Property Guardians & Their Benefits

A person who lives in an otherwise unoccupied property with the intention of protecting it from potential dangers is known as a legal property Guardian. It’s interesting to notice that there are over 5000 property Guardians listed as residents of the UK. This stands out as a sign of the rising buzz surrounding the idea of Guardianship.

One of the main advantages of property Guardianship is that it allows individuals to live in otherwise unused properties, which helps maximize the use of available resources. It also provides a more affordable housing option for people who may not be able to afford higher rents.

Guardianship is most commonly used for commercial properties, such as office buildings, warehouses, and retail spaces, but it can also be used for residential properties, such as houses and apartments. Property Guardianship is not the same as traditional renting or property ownership. However, most property Guardianship agreements do include certain protections for the Guardian, such as the right to privacy and the right to a safe and habitable living environment.


How Can Guardianship Companies Help You?

Do you wish to have someone who can get the perfect Guardian for your property?

Are you a professional looking for a low-rent apartment to live in?

If you answered yes to any of these questions — we have got you covered! At Global Guardians, we search for the perfect Guardians and help them find flexible accommodation in prime locations that would otherwise be empty. Some of the most attractive benefits offered by our property Guardianship include the following:

  • We place trusted Guardians to ensure your vacant property is safe from squatters.
  • It helps bring back the sense of community and helps to effectively bring down the area’s crime rate.
  • Our compliance teams do a thorough background check for all the Guardians and handpick them for your apartments. 
  • This often is a cost-effective option and allows working professionals to have low-rental housing facilities. 

Our dedicated teams at Global Guardians believe in an inclusive approach that helps us get eligible Guardians regardless of their caste, creed, or religion. We make sure that all the Guardians are given a safe environment to stay in, alongside protecting the property.

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