Most Influential CEO in London Property Guardianship

We’re proud to announce that our CEO, Stuart Woolgar, has been awarded Most Influential CEO in London Property Guardianship by CEO Monthly. 

Stuart’s work within the industry has seen Guardianship go from an unheard of solution to one of the most reliable options in vacant property security. His work with Global Guardians has seen innovation after innovation and has set the precedent for what a guardianship provider should look like. 

Over the years, he has instilled within the team a sense of purpose and responsibility for the vacant properties Global Guardians manage as well as the guardians who help us protect them. The development of My Globe, our dedicated CRM system, was the first in the industry to be tailored specifically for guardianship, allowing Global Guardians to stand out amongst competitors and offer a better service overall. 

Fast forward to 2022 when Stuart took our licence agreement to court to prove it was a legally binding document and that there should be repercussions for not adhering to the rules set out within it. This landslide court win has put Guardianship on the map alongside tenancies and has helped us ensure a smooth service with full legal compliance. 

Though there have been ups and downs, as with any business, leadership is integral to success and this award cements Stuart as a resilient, kind and determined CEO. 

I am very honoured to receive this prestigious award. Global Guardians is all about teamwork and so I would like to thank all of the team members who have helped us achieve our goals and vision by being the best vacant property management company in the UK…” Stuart says about receiving the award. 

… It means a lot to me to be recognised for my leadership and the great team members I work with. The guardians and property owners are equally important to allow us to provide a sustainable service for the benefit of all the communities in which we operate, protecting and preserving vacant properties across the country.

A full article for CEO Monthly will be released in October.

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