Meet The Hero Solving The Current Housing Crisis in the UK

The housing crisis in the United Kingdom has been a continuous issue that has posed several challenges for the nation. As the housing market in the UK has deteriorated over the years, new private homebuilding has been a targeted response. However, the increasing costs of renting have driven away many potential tenants. This has been a significant factor contributing to the increased statistics of homelessness in the UK. 

Similar to other developed countries, Britain has experienced an acute housing crisis since the onset of the global financial crisis. In order to prevent the chances of a third Great Recession, local and national authorities need to work together to find a better solution for its citizens. 

The UK’s housing crisis is a consequence of a number of factors that have exacerbated each other over the past few years. One of the most fundamental aspects of a prosperous society is the availability of suitable and affordable housing. If you cannot afford a place to live, or if you are waiting for a new property to be built, then your quality of life will suffer greatly. 

Significant Impact On The People

As the housing crisis intensifies, the resulting effect will be more people living in substandard and overcrowded conditions. Subsequent increases in homelessness, social unrest, and civil disorder will contribute to an increased threat of disharmony. The consequence of the housing crisis is that people who would normally have been able to afford a home will be forced to rent or live in low-grade accommodation.

The UK housing crisis is forcing people to live in difficult conditions, preventing them from accessing basic human rights, such as adequate housing. Rising house prices are a prime reason why more and more people are being forced to live in shelters. Policymakers have the ability to reduce the number of people experiencing homelessness by investing in affordable housing; however, the movement has been slow in that direction.

The UK has recorded a high number of empty properties spread throughout the country. These often act as an easy target for vandals to intrude and rob valuable items. In some cases, squatters and vandals also become the source of disharmony and antisocial behaviour in the surrounding area. 

Yet another worry of most property owners is the constant threat of squatters. They tend to illegally occupy vacant homes and refuse to leave the building. Most squatters damage the property and reduce its overall value. This is frustrating for many in the community when they realise and consider these properties could be repurposed as housing.

Stuart Woolgar With Global Guardians To The Rescue

Among the many people who witnessed the severe housing issues in the UK, Stuart Woolgar, our CEO at Global Guardians, was quick to identify the gap and bridge it effectively. He learnt about the many vacant properties in the country and was taken aback since he was also aware of the rise in homelessness. This is exactly when he shaped Global Guardians and started working towards a sustainable solution.

Wanting to offer an affordable place for people to live comfortably, he devised the perfect Guardianship scheme based on the existing Guardianship laws. This would allow local workers to live in decent spaces. In turn, these residential and commercial property Guardians secured the property in the best way possible and provided relief to worried owners. 

At a time when the degree of the housing crisis was predicted to increase, Stuart Woolgar worked tirelessly to establish a system that prioritises security and safety as well as sustainability. While being a part of the solution, he took the baton and became the CEO of the UK’s leading Guardianship provider, Global Guardians.

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