Do You Pay Council Tax on an Empty Property?

Whether you are a homeowner or a landlord, understanding the rules and regulations around council tax when it comes to empty properties is essential. It is important for every property owner in the UK to know the nuances of the tax they are liable to pay. 

Moreover, exploring the specific conditions where one can be exempted from paying high council taxes can come in handy to take the necessary steps. This also helps to decide the best path you must opt for to make the most of your empty property. 

What Exactly is Council Tax?

Council tax is a local taxation system used in the United Kingdom to help fund local services such as police, fire services, waste management, and education. It is a tax levied on households and is based on the value of the property you live in.

The amount of council tax you pay is determined by the local council and is based on a set of bandings that take into account the value of the property at a specific point in time. Each property is assigned to one of eight bands, ranging from A to H, with A being the lowest and H the highest. The value of the property is influenced by factors like property size, location, and any special features.

The council tax bill is usually sent to the homeowner or the person who is responsible for paying the bill. In the case of rented properties, the tenant is usually responsible for paying the council tax. However, there are some exemptions and discounts available for certain groups of people, such as full-time students and people with disabilities.

The council tax is usually paid in 10 monthly instalments or in two six-monthly installments, although some councils may offer other payment options. It is important to pay the council tax on time, as non-payment can result in legal action being taken against you.

When Won’t You Pay Council Tax?

There are certain circumstances in which you may not have to pay council tax, including:

  • Student Accommodation: Full-time students are exempt from council tax as long as the property is their main or only home and is occupied solely by students.
  • Care Homes and Hospitals: Properties occupied by people receiving care, either in a care home or hospital, are exempt from council tax.
  • People with Severe Mental Impairments: Properties occupied by someone with a severe mental impairment are exempt from council tax as long as they are entitled to certain benefits.

It’s important to note that these exemptions and discounts are subject to change and may vary from one local council to another. If you believe you are eligible for an exemption or discount, you should contact your local council for more information.

Empty Properties & Council Tax

When it comes to empty properties, council tax becomes even more significant. Property owners are required to pay regular council tax for their vacant homes, adding to their expenditure. 

All unfurnished apartments, unoccupied houses or properties undergoing repair work are charged for council tax. This amount tends to increase with time, nudging the owners to make their empty homes available for use. 

This is one of the reasons why, as a property owner, you must opt for the most suitable way to occupy your empty apartment. Amongst options like renting the space to the tenant or putting it up for public use, property Guardianship can be the perfect solution to the problem. 

How Can Property Guardianship Save You Money?

Finding dedicated Guardians to live in your property at a low cost to them can be the most effective way of making some money from your vacant property while keeping up its condition. The Guardians look after the property and keep the possible risks of theft, vandalism and squatters at bay. Additionally, you also save on council tax— making the scheme a win-win for everyone. 

An experienced Guardianship company like Global Guardians can help you get the right Guardian for your property. These are often the local professionals working in the nearby area. A Guardian’s presence keeps your property safe while presenting an excellent way to make the most of your unoccupied properties. 

Speak to our team today or click here to learn more about securing your vacant property at zero cost.

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